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All Activities Done in Big Bear Festival

big bear cityWith about two months to summer, Big Bear is one of the great places for a weekend trip to break the tedium of the city life. The area bubbles with attractive tastes of many outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, archery, tennis, basketball, and running competitions. The park zones offer incredible picnic-life, not to mention the hiking, and both lakeside and the surrounding forest exploration. It is a convenient travel destination, full of leisure and a welcoming cool weather at 7,000 ft. Whether you are a frequent visitor or a new sightseer, feel free to get tour assistance whenever possible. There are various locations within the valley designed to help visitors understand the suitable places to explore.

Once you land the Big Bear, probably you will drive along 630 Bartlett Road. It is advisable you stop at the Big Bear Visitors Center to get insights about the local events and activities taking place during the period of your stay. This visitor’s center is quite reliable because the staff is always willing to help, and they will give you leaflets on most popular events. Before leaving the center, remember to sign a guestbook. However, there are visitors’ guides placed on a rack just outside the visitors’ center for those that don’t feel like entering the staff offices. In these guides, you will learn a lot of things including events, maps, and adventures. They are useful tools for information reference whenever necessary.

big bear city 2While venturing and exploring the beauty of Big Bear, you can even double the fun by checking out the different activities held in the area. This will allow you to choose the activity that may make your trip to Big Bear complete. Events such as sporting usually cover both summer and winter seasons, of which they are the most popular holiday destination periods. No matter your age, there is a wide range of outdoor things to keep you engaged.

Hunting is one of the most improved outdoor adventures, which is taking the Big Bear festivals to another level. It combines tournaments and awards, and therefore attracting more and more fanatics with new ways to win prizes. Apart from the innumerable methods to win rewards, the hunting experience is enhanced by the availability of modern hunting types of equipment. Additionally, there are plenty of game to trail including mule deer and coyotes. Hunting at the San Bernardino Mountains allows you to experience the forest life and adventures. Being a home to a small community of people, outdoor guests and enthusiasts flock there to enjoy the fun throughout the four seasons.

big bear fishingBig Bear Lake is one of the greatest for sports fishing in the Southern Ca. The fishing season is just around the corner, and it is the ideal time to tour and enjoy the trout tournament with more ways to earn rewards. As the sports fishing elevating higher season by season, more events are being included annually to suit all types of fishing enthusiasts. It is more than ever because this year many visitors seems to participate in the fishing tournaments. As the water tends to warm up to 60 degrees, it is the perfect condition to catch those 5.5lb trout, catfish, and bass. But there are fishing guides to assist you to understand the hot spots, as well as the best bait to use.

Archery is another popular sporting activity at Big Bear, which can keep your friends or family members occupied throughout. If you want a leisurely day of archery, the Big Bear festival has plenty of opportunities to offer. You can make the outdoor fun affordable by renting the archery equipment such as bows and arrows, including the target plates. Regardless of the number of guests you have, the local marina has everything you may need. However, you can find equipment for purchase at the sporting store if you don’t want to rent. Thereafter, you need to grab opponents as you prepare for the shooting competition. It can be a one-time shot per person, and thus making it a prize contest.

Running races/competitions are some of the most interesting outside activities, usually held in September when the weather is fit for races. The entire Big Bear is put on display for this gorgeous experience that no one would wish to miss. Moreover, the basketball and tennis are typically held on weekends but sometimes start as early as Fridays. When the season is near, the festival management provides links so that people can access information about the competitions, as well as the links to register ahead of time. There is another competition known as Turkey Trot that consists of 3 to 9 mile runs along the roads, and normally occurs during the thanksgiving days. It is a suitable fun event especially for families looking for relatively light racing competitions.