Archery for Women is the New Addiction

archeryThe Big Bear festival offers various stunning sports of archery for the bow and arrow enthusiasts. Archery being a modern addiction to women, Big Bear Lake is an ideal place where they can discover their love for archery disciplines including the most sought-after target archery. Whether you are a traditional archer or bowhunter, the Big Bear Lake allows you to unfold the merit of distance shooting. Apart from the common archery models found in various festivals, you can as well pursue bow hunting together with other variations such as bow fishing.

The new and popular archery models include the target archery, field archery, 3D archery, traditional archery, and bowhunting.

New Archery Models

Target Archery

target archeryTarget archery has been practiced for years, whereby archers shoot at fixed circular targets at specific distances. The shooters are positioned on level ground or platform with their feet on either side of a shooting line. This sport has taken a new shape at the Big Bear festival because everyone has an opportunity to participate, regardless of gender or physical abilities. The shooting field allows physically disabled individuals, with their wheelchairs, to shoot the targets from either side of the shooting line. Those women archery fanatics can find their ultimate outdoor fun, especially when cheered up by their supporters.

Additionally, compound bows, bare bows, recurve bows, and longbows are used in target archery. At the festival, the conventional guidelines and rules are also applied. Since the competitions are stiff and participants are battling for prizes, the shooting is timed using a digital clock. Sometimes series of lights can be used to alert the archers when it is safe to shoot. Big Bear archery tournaments attract many spectators within California, even though big crowds visit during the big competitions. Archery is a determined sport that no one should miss this coming season at the Big Bear Lake.

The seasons include the summer and spring, also referred to as the outdoor season. Archers will compete at even longer distances by shooting beyond the field. Moreover, women will also compete at more than 70 meters.

Field Archery

Field ArcheryAnother outdoor opportunity to explore at the Big Bear Lake is the field archery. This is seen as a mixture of golf sport, bows, and arrows since there are various course designs. Also, the variation of challenges presented by every target, as well as the group shooting technique, make this sport almost a blend between golf, bows, and arrows. Basically, field archery involves setting targets at various marked positions over a rugged terrain. At the Big Bear festival, field archery takes place in the rural parts near the forest of San Bernardino Mountains. This wooded terrain setting will engage the archers into a real shooting competition, and therefore elevate their proficiency in both target and 3D archery. Field archery is somehow selective when it comes to the bow used. The compound bow with sights is commonly used, though the traditional bows and recurves are also used. The interesting part of this sport is the challenge when mastering the field course, particularly when the targets are set on a slope. This means you will shoot either uphill or downhill, and thus a special technique must be employed in order to increase stability for a perfect shot.

3D Archery

This is usually like a split of field archery only that the targets are life-size 3D objects made of soft material. At the Big Bear festival, 3D archery competition will prove your hunting abilities by shooting an animal-sized target. This sport gives archers an opportunity to experience a real hunting exercise, and practice the ideal shooting method whenever they come across a real animal in the jungle. 3D archery is becoming popular in various archery tournaments as more people are interested in shooting perfect 3D scores similar to bowhunting. Since 3D archery should teach you how to shoot an animal during hunting, the target distances are not marked. You are supposed to make a good estimate of the target distance, and therefore the most challenging part of this sport.

However, the targets usually have scoring rings set at different points. For instance, there are scoring rings around the heart or lungs. These are the targets with highest points. Being a challenging sport, 3D archery features a wide variety of prizes to be won. You could be that lucky winner of thousands of dollars to take home this season. However, the amount of cash prize you win may depend on the number of contestants and the current financial stability of the facility. At the Big Bear festivals, a big number of entrants are anticipated to contest in the archery competitions. Nothing should prevent you from trying your luck, as well as enjoy the outdoor fun. Don’t worry. There is a draw for all participants regardless of your performance! You can find the top crossbows at before applying.