A soft cleaning rod

Care Your Tactical Gear Before The Competition

Long Range ShootingThe Big Bear festivals are just around the corner, and long range shooting devotees must get ready ahead of time. Know your type of gun to use, and probably select one that would not let you down. Located in the Southern California, Big Bear has many outdoor activities to keep your holiday trip occupied. Compassionately referred to as the world of shooting competition by those who have been there before, the anticipated new visitors must be excited by the fact that even their closest friends will be in the shooting field.

It will be fun, completely overwhelming the participants, given that there are several grand prizes to scoop. It is also a commercial haven for like-minded people that may want to see new products from various manufacturers. All events are totally secured by law enforcement agencies and militaries, which are yet, send to evaluate the latest guns, ammo, and gear. It is a buyer and seller festival that allows supporters to enjoy what they love doing most.

shootingThe fun in the facility is not just for the range shooting participants. Actually, even the general attendees have a chance to enjoy good times. Neither should you panic nor fear to hold a gun because each gun is cautiously examined and inspected right before the event kicks off. The firing pin is detached from the gun so that the attendees can interact with guns safely and confidently throughout the event. Alright, one important query you have is about the space. Of course, the facility is roomy and able to accommodate all. With as much fun you can figure out viewing the guns, you are likely to get exhausted before the end of the event. Walking from one booth to another is inevitable!

However, there is one important thing you need to remember before the range shooting competition begins. Your gun is the only weapon to guard your victory. Of course, you want to win and get those several thousands of dollars. So, you need to clean. Do you have a gun cleaning kit? Do you have gun oil? Alright, let’s talk about the things you must have in order to clean your gun.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a gun may sound like something hectic that requires too much attention, however, it needs the right tools and solutions to make the task easy. In your gun cleaning kit, you need a few essential things.

A soft cleaning rod

A soft cleaning rodThis is an essential tool for cleaning the barrel. It should be made of a softer material such as brass to avoid nicking the steel barrel. The rod is segmented so that the user can adjust according to the size of the barrel. A single of carbon fiber rod is ideal for cleaning a rifle. The rod has a good grip handle and no joints that can scratch the sides of the bore. If you have a shotgun, you can find a rod with larger threads on the attachments.

A loop or jag

The loop or jag is attached at the end of a cleaning rod to hold the cleaning patch on the rod while it is pushed through the barrel. The small point at the end of the jag stabs the cleaning patch in the middle, and then pushed through the barrel severally. Depending on your budget, there are those made of brass and nylon. Either can be best for barrel cleaning without damaging it.


Patches are run through the barrel while stuck on the cleaning rod. You can use cotton patches to clean not only the barrel but also other parts of the gun. The patch is coated with a cleaning solvent to loosen the bullet fouling and stuck powder. The solvent also removes the light debris so that the next brushing stage is less stubborn. However, don’t re-use cotton patches or grind dirt against the barrel lining.

Cleaning brush

Bronze brushes are recommended because they cannot damage the interior of the barrel. If you own more guns, have a cleaning brush for each. The worn out brushes should be discarded. For lighter cleaning duty, you can opt for nylon cleaning brushes.

The right fluids

Use the right gun cleaning fluids. They work well in that harsh environment, as well as stay inside for a relatively longer time. The fluids protect the sensitive parts of the gun. Never use household cleaning solvents in your gun. The four types of fluids commonly used include a solvent, degreaser, protectant, and lubricant.

Gun toothbrush

This is specifically designed for cleaning guns because its bristles can reach all the crannies and nooks appropriately. It is ideal for cleaning trigger parts and slide grooves. The available types include brass for tough areas and nylon for overall use.

Ensure your gun cleaning kit contains at least the above items as you prepare it for a shooting competition.