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Into Shooting? Always Protect Your Ears to Avoid Hearing Damage

 hearing protectionShooting is an American past time, part of our Second Amendment rights as well as a symbol of American freedom and ideals. People have a whole host of reasons for wanting to possess firearms, ranging from those who are simply enthusiasts who want to collect antique weaponry, to those who want firearms to protect their family and property. Whatever your reason, it is important that if you have a weapon, you know how to use it, as well as how to protect yourself and your family in the process.

This means that all firearm owners should have target practice experience. Many people really get into shooting as a means of recreation. It involves a lot of skill and concentration and has proven to be fun and even relaxing for many firearms enthusiasts. Shooting practice is an excellent way to get comfortable with your gun, as well as to improve your shooting ability. Research has shown that time on the shooting range will help improve accuracy and efficiency, two skills that are pretty important in a life or death situation.

However, one must take care to protect themselves, even when just on the shooting range. We all know that we need to ensure that our weapons aren’t loaded when they aren’t in use, that we have appropriate eye wear, etc., but what about our ears? The firing of a gun produces incredibly loud sounds and reverberations that are known to damage the ear and can lead to long-term damage and hearing loss.

love your earsThis is why having appropriate ear protection is vital on the shooting range. This helps to reduce the strain and damage that extended time at a shooting range would otherwise cause. You can still hear and aim just as easily with ear protection, and at the same time, you are protecting yourself from long-term hearing damage. Many people understand that shooting a firearm is loud and may cause damage to their ears, and yet too many people head to the range without adequate protection. While it might not seem like this is important, science has shown that long-term exposure to firearms without ear protection pretty much guarantees some level of hearing damage.

There are tons of different options available. You can choose whichever type of ear protection is most comfortable for you and conducive to your shooting style and needs. Whatever you choose, it is imperative that you make sure that the ear protection is designed for a shooting range so you can be sure you are getting the adequate protection you need for your ears. You can find firearm-related ear protection at most stores that sell weapons and accessories and they are available across a wide range of prices.

Going to the shooting range can be a fun, recreational activity, or simply a way to gain and maintain shooting skills. Whatever the reason, many people swear by regular visits to the shooting range as a great way to keep themselves in optimal shooting “shape.” All firearms experts recommend time at the shooting range and all also caution about taking every protection for yourself, no matter where you are. With all the available options and tip guides, there is no excuse for going to a shooting range unprepared.

This means that you need to have adequate protection whenever you go to the shooting range. Eye protection and ear protection can reduce your risk for a lot of injuries, as well as reduce your likelihood of experiencing long-term hearing damage as a result of the loud, sustained noises that one is exposed to when at a firing range.

night hunting

Night Hunting Competition in Big Bear Lake

night huntingNight hunting is one of the most challenging outdoor explorations you would experience in the Big Bear Lake, California. The forest terrain of the San Bernardino Mountains is rough, rugged, and rocky, making it even harder for a hunter to walk during the day. You can now figure out how difficult it is to walk through the jagged paths at night while chasing that mule deer to make the first shot. If you are not very aggressive in this hunting competition, you will be surprised the tournament is over and you didn’t down a single buck. This is the last thing you would want to hear, but it’s a bitter truth anyway.

Interestingly, the night hunting competition comes with a handful of gear including trail cameras. Even though you will be supplied with such stuff, it doesn’t mean every hunter will be on the safe side to scoop the grand prizes! You must know why they are given, when to use them, and how to use them. Someone may start thinking this post tries to scare away potential hunting contestants, however, it’s actually making you a stronger hunter. The first-time visitors to Big Bear Lake may not be aware of the forest setting, and they might face a real challenge. To them, it will be like an excursion to familiarize with the hunting environment. But they also deserve to win at least an award.

night hunting 2If you have been on pleasure trips to different rural places, you might have wondered how the guide identifies the schedules and places of animals. Of course, he or she doesn’t live in the woods to study the animal behaviors. But, while walking together you would see the guide stop at some point to show you a flock of deer, wildebeest, or coyotes with their young ones. Though they are not always 100% accurate in their predictions, they actually do a great job to help visitors understand how animals live in the jungle, and how they vary schedules based on time and seasons.

Tour guides are nice at their job since they study both the area and the animals. Over time, they understand where certain animals like going, and when they like going there. Perhaps, this is the knowledge a hunter out there is seeking alongside knowing how to use the hunting equipment. Therefore, knowing the area and the animal habits can help you come home with that most sought-after buck. Remember, these hunting competitions offer prizes based on the tagged animals.

So, how do you familiarize yourself with the Big Bear forest so that you can achieve the best during the hunting tournament? Use trail cameras.

Trail Cameras

trail cameraTrail cameras are great tools to assist a hunter study the area, know animals’ habit, track the animals of choice, envisage their movements, and shoot the tagged animal. Therefore, here are the benefits you will reap from the trail cameras during the hunting competition at the Big Bear festival.

Understand the area

Modern trail cameras can be mounted on a tree to monitor the activity of specific animals; how and when they enter a given area, and their average duration within that area. The recordings captured will tell you whether the area is viable for hunting or you need to try a different area. Hunting without trail cameras can be hectic and time-consuming because you will be doing guess work wherever you go.

Understand the animals’ habits

trail camera 2Trail cameras capture scenes based on how they are programmed. If you need continuous photos, it will capture so that you can combine to make a video. The footages can be used to analyze the habits of animals at different times, if they graze within the area at certain times every day, or if they just pass through the area. It can be very difficult to walk throughout the day finding those mule deer at the wrong place, and the wrong time.

Understand your target

The Big Bear forest hosts several animals, and it will be nice to study the tagged animals before getting into hunting. You need to know where the animals reside, where they spend their grazing time, and when they can be found. Hunting competitions also restrict a specific size of the tagged animal. Therefore, trail cameras can help you monitor when the bucks can be found within a certain area.

trail camera 3

Trail cameras are quite useful when it comes to hunting a target animal. If you have been a hunter for some time, you know how animals behave especially when there is human scent around their habitat. They will just relocate because they sense some danger. Using trail cameras will assist you to watch the animals’ behavior in their natural homes. You only visit once a while to change the SD cards without disturbing the animals.

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Long Range Shooting at Night for Fun! We are Animal Lovers

If you are looking for an exclusive outdoor exploration and an adventurous experience, don’t find beyond a holiday trip to Big Bear Lake. Known as one of the most exploratory and fun cities in the Southern California, it offers several stunning events including long range shooting. This is a competition, usually done for fun without disturbing the well-being of the wild animals. It is even more than fun when done at night. You will experience an overall new world during your trip to Big Bear.

big bear lake

The day in the long range shooting field can be successful if you have the right air rifle and red dot sights. Alongside other shooting gears, the preciseness can be defined by the type of gun and the ability to focus on the target appropriately. At the Big Bear festival, there are various types of rifles to select depending on what you want. Remember this is a competition, not a battlefield, and thus you need a smarter rifle and optic that cannot miss a target.  For a long range shooting, a powerful gun is required. With the many types of guns available at the facility, you can choose what suits your needs most.

Air Rifles and Red Dot Sights

Long distance shooting needs a rifle that provides a special combination of reliability, velocity, and accuracy. This may sound unfeasible. However, the Big Bear festival has everything to offer during the shooting competition. Even though the gun may offer the combined power and precision, a shooter may require an additional tool to increase the degree of accuracy. Whether you are a learner or an experienced long range shooter, a perfect gun plus a red dot sight makes the shooting more fun and successful.

air rifle

Days are gone when newbie used to strain while learning how to shoot. The trainer would tell you to watch the muzzle while keeping the finger off the trigger. Ensure the sight is on target before touching that trigger, but you must keep the cheek joined to the stock for a proper shot. Instructions used to be endless, not to mention that your feet must be placed tactically while leaning a little bit forward. All was overwhelming, and most learners could find it difficult to cope with such boring guidelines.

trainingAt the Big Bear festivals, there are professional coaches to train you before engaging in the actual competition. A new shooter has the right to enjoy the shooting game. For the entire thing to be fun, a simpler approach is needed. One of the ideal ways to simplify the shooting experience is by use of red dot sights. The modern red dot sights are relatively smaller in size, cheaper, lightweight and durable compared to the early models.

For long distance shooting, rifles such as Sumatra, Airforce Condor, Windy City, and Air Arms are commonly used because they have the required power. Most of them are lightweight with unmatched accuracy, making them perfect choices to take down targets at lengthy distances. Another important aspect is the strength of the user, as we have different abilities to hold, shoot, and withstand the recoil. For shooters with less experience, a lightweight air rifle is a better choice to practice target shooting at long distances. Apart from the power and accuracy of the rifle, no one would want to use an ugly looking model. Even though most rifles are beautifully designed, the Air Arms are prettier and provides repeatable precision throughout.

red dot sightAs the technology comes in to make life easier, it has also trimmed the red dot sights into quite impressive tools. The latest models are small, lightweight, compact, affordable, and highly durable. Due to their simple features, they help shooters to make wonderful shots without repeated misses. With a red dot sight, target shooting is made simpler because the dot is placed on the target, and then the trigger is pulled. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to spend hours practicing how to focus onto the inside a blurred rear mark!

At the Big Bear festivals, you will find several red dot sights from various top brands. There are red dot sights from Bushnell, Weaver, Millet, and Tasco among other top manufacturers. Many of these red dot sights are typically fit for long guns and short guns. The most popular Bushnell Trophy Red Dot uses a 5MOA dot, indicating that the dot covers 5 inches of a target placed 100 yards from your position.


Every long range shooting fanatic should not miss the long range shooting event because it incorporates various tournaments, with many prizes to be won. Even though you may think you are a newbie in the world of sports shooting, there is a draw for all participants regardless of your performance. You just need to build self-confidence and achieve the best from the shooting competition.

fish finder

Fishing in Big Bear Lake, California

fishingThe fun fishing events at the Big Bear Lake are accompanied by numerous prizes for all ages plus the different collection of caught fish. The outdoor adventures in the blue waters are limitless given the many fishing enthusiasts that flock there annually. This year, the sport is taking a new shape as the popularity of the sports continues to soar higher and higher. You don’t have to miss the next fishing seasons since the tournaments will be offered for different ages, and for weights of fish caught.

The months of May, June, and October take the biggest part of fishing activities, not to mention the unmatched contests to take place. You could be one of the lucky fishermen or fisherwomen to take home the grand prize of the tagged fish. However, other participants are not discriminated as there are other prizes depending on the level of competition plus the various tagged fish. There are plenty of fish to catch including trout, bass, and catfish, all of which have their own contests to take place on different dates.

San Bernardino MountainsThe Big Bear Lake is more than just a fishing and camping retreat in California. The San Bernardino Mountains is also a home to native community people with diverse cultures and tradition to experience. Other activities including forest life will make your trip a complete one. The adventures are complimented by almost all-year-round sunshine, which further boosts the outdoor guest’s morale to flock into this great destination of four seasons. However, fishing seasons are unquestionable since the activities can be carried out all year round, however, depending on your fishing equipment.

The recommended period is the peak season when the water is cool. During the winter season, you can also fish even though the lake is prohibited to those that lack the specialized equipment. If this is demoralizing, you don’t need to worry because ice-fishing is also an ideal option. You can catch fish along the shoreline. Big Bear Lake is always a haven for outdoor activities throughout the year, and at any given time you must find some fun to end your holiday trip in style.

fishing 2If you are visiting during summer and spring, the April season can be your best fishing time. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or the entire family for a day or two of fishing. You can also choose to use a charter fishing service that comes with passes-on tours with a guide, fishing equipment, and a boat. It also gives knowledge about the hotspots where fishing is biting the most. So, you will just need a fishing license as long as you are over 16 years. Interestingly, kids are allowed to fish for free of charge!

Depending on which charter service you are using, the price will differ accordingly per person. To make the fishing a special fun, you need a boat and an expert guide. There are rental boats all over the Big Bear to facilitate the tournament, but you can as well choose to start along the sidelines. With a Big Bear Lake fishing guide, you will get the most useful assistance to save time, especially if you are trying it out for the first time. The guides are quite reliable and willing to assist visitors, and they promise to stay with you until you catch at least a single bite.

Alright, now you have the guide, fishing equipment, and a boat. If you want to make work easier, you need a fishfinder.


fish finderThese are small devices used to locate fish underwater. If you want to select a fishfinder to facilitate faster fishing, it is advisable to know the estimated depth of the water first. These devices use transducers with varied frequencies and the highest frequency work best in shallow water while low frequency works best in deep water. Note that, the higher the frequency the more the detailed image.

Another important aspect to ponder before picking the right fishfinder is the power of the device. The power of fishfinders is measured in wattage. If you want a faster unit that can display deeper readings, choose a higher wattage unit. It is worth noting that fishfinders translate sonar waves received from transducers. So, less power means that the sonar waves will be slow and therefore makes fuzzier readings. If the power is high, the waves will be faster and thus the readings will be clearer.

The main integral part of a fishfinder is the transducer, which emits and receives sonar waves. It is the transducer that sends waves into the water, and then picks the waves bouncing off an object beneath the water. The data picked is then transmitted to the main unit for translation. The translated data displays a picture on the unit’s screen, which is then interpreted.

The use of fishfinders may not be common among various fishing enthusiasts, but there are Big Bear specialists to help you understand how to use them. Reading and interpreting the image on the screen is one of the challenges. However, let the Big Bear fishing guide assist you where seems difficult.

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Couples Tennis Tournament in California

tennis tournamentEven though you spend a good deal of your life with your important other, sometimes you get mad at each other. This is just normal in every relationship, but did you know that the couples tennis tournament at Big Bear Lake, California can strengthen your bond? To build up your relationship in 2017 is not only spending more stressful time together but also competing against each other in sports can do the trick. Tennis is full of fun as you play and watch your spouse thrive. Exactly you will disagree with some doubles, while one of you will be happier to serve the ball into the back of the other’s noggin!

During this season’s tennis tournament, several missed shots are anticipated from either side. The spectators may cheer up the game, but the most important thing is the appreciation both of you will give to each other. Probably, most tennis players ‘love’ talking to themselves. You will hear your partner shouting words directed to a missed shot, and this should signify a certain message. He or she is likely referring to even other mistakes that happened a few weeks ago. If he or she is the source of some misunderstanding that occurred in the recent past, you will start realizing some apologies in the middle of the game. You may pretend for now and proceed to coach her or him a little bit on how to make a perfect shot next time!

tennisThe Big Bear festival allows the couples to participate in various outdoor activities. It makes a holiday vacation to this small city a memorable with the many prizes to scoop at the end of each and every competition. Couples tennis tournament being one of the latest sought-after sport in various facilities, it may come with several perils especially when couples are competing on the ground. No one wants to lose the match, but one must be a winner regardless of the presentation. So, why don’t you make some rules to bar those after-game perils? These rules are not part of the tournament. Therefore, the couple can cultivate them.

For instance, agree to communicate during the competition. Give compliments to one another especially when one makes a good drop shot. The same can apply even after missing a forehead long. No placing hands on hips or shaking your head. It is a match. Let it be competitive but friendly! Again, every player needs to remember to smooch. This rule can make the competition a bit romantic. Plan to start and end the game with a kiss. Despite the fact that your partner has beaten you, no need to go quiet on one another after the match. It should be a motivator to pull up your socks in the next match. No hard feeling!

Tennis Shoes and Tech

tennis shoesAlright, there is another very important aspect of playing tennis – protection and comfort of your footwear. The technical features of tennis shoes include soles, which should be designed specifically for playing tennis.

First, tennis shoes’ toe area must be made of a durable material that can resist wear. Both front and rear parts should have a particular pattern to hold the player within the playing court. The sole center arch should be made of sturdy material to prevent twisting, such that when a player pushes off the toe, the rest of the body will follow without twisting the force away. Additionally, the heel with a stiff heel crib adds more stability and support as you swing side-to-side.

Second, tennis shoes with the shock absorption feature are highly recommended. The shock absorbers are small foam balls or air balls, and they are extremely useful in preventing feet injuries while playing. The high-end shoes have these foam balls, but they are relatively more expensive in terms of money. The technology behind shock absorption feature may differ from one manufacturer to the other. Finding the suitable tennis racquet is also crutial for the game.

Third, tennis shoes should offer maximum support by connecting the shoe top and the sole. The high-quality shoes have a clear way to tighten the laces. Some models made of plastic material allow attaching laces through the shoe top to cover the foot and the arch area.

Fourth, breathability is very crucial to allow fresh air in. Mesh fabrics are the most recommended, though expensive. Leather can be a good choice even though it does not breath effectively like mesh fabric. Also, ideal tennis shoes’ lining should be able to absorb feet moisture.

Fifth, your tennis shoes must have a simple lacing system. The laces should run through designed loops that are in the direction of the shoe laces. Such lace system is easier to work on.

Lastly, always select tennis shoes that fit comfortably. Remember shoe numbers may not necessarily mean all sizes are similar regardless of the manufacturer. Test before buying, and ensure the heel doesn’t lift off the insoles whenever you swing or jump to avoid blister formation.

College Basketball

College Basketball Tournament in Big Bear

bigbearwinterNothing can beat the match madness among fans, but this season’s college basketball tournament in Big Bear will quench your thirst. If you are craving a full salver of action, don’t miss the basketball competition in this small city in the Southern California. It doesn’t matter when you want to attend the festival because the matches will be held in the mornings and nights, allowing every fanatic to get a chance and watch his or her team. However, it will be nice to watch every game as they will last for about 10 days. Some competitions will be played in the ballrooms while others on the shoreline pitches.

There will be neutral courts to test the ranked teams so that the coaches can know their teams better as they prepare to face the overwrought competition. Fascinatingly, the Big Bear environment is calm and ideal for basketball tournaments. If you always love college basketball and you actually need it during the holiday, the game is anticipated to deliver a multitude of high-profile matchups and enthralling tournaments. The competition will promise more than just excitement and entertainment, but also the answer to the common question of the season; how better is my team and how good can we do to scoop the top prize? It’s still early. You have time to set yourself for the big game.

College BasketballApart from knowing whether your team wins or not, the college basketball tournament will enhance peacemaking and coexistence among the Californians. There will be a lot of chatting in the ballrooms, as others praise how they used to be a star during their high school days. Others will go an extra mile to take out their game participation recommendations and letters to prove their words. As the game starts, loud cheers will be bouncing from one corner to the other. It must be a distraction at this time because everybody wants his or her team to win in the very first chapter.

There will be a lot happening in the coming college basketball match, but we understand this anyway. It will be a moment for the tournament to offer a comfort and consolation to a few of the fans. Most of you will get an opportunity to breath. Therefore, there is a solid reason to visit the Big Bear festival especially to watch the game you like most – the college basketball. This holiday seems to give some of the fascinating action of the year, and already many of you will get an excuse to ignore their old friends!

College Basketball Equipment

Alright, as the competitions are just around the corner, it is important to understand what college basketball entails. The tournament at Big Bear will adhere to all rules governing basketball games worldwide by ensuring equipments are presented before the match begins. The equipment for basketball game can be divided into three groups; players equipment, officials equipment, and court equipment.

Players Equipment

equipmentFrom jersey, short, to shoes, are some of the main players equipment. The basketball jersey should be made of lightweight fabric, allow ventilation, and wick moisture away to keep the player dry during the game. Shorts should not be buggy, and the inner lining should absorb moisture and prevent abrasions. The shoes should not be too snug or tight to allow feet flexibility, breathability, and maneuverability.

Officials Equipment

Basketball officials must wear uniforms approved by their relevant governing body. Normally, they are supposed to be dressed in black pants, black shoes, and white & black striped shirts. The referee is an official and must have a good whistle to blow whenever he or she wants to stop a play according to game rules and regulations. A scorekeeper must have a score book to write scores and summary of the game, as well as players’ names, jersey numbers, and their positions among other details. There are also timekeepers to observe the time scheduled for every game.

Court Equipment

Usually, the playing podium should be made of maple or wood. It should also be rectangular and flat to ensure that players don’t slip too often due to an uneven surface. Basketballs are of different types, but the common models are made of rubber, leather, or synthetic materials. However, they should be professionally and appropriately inflated. The basket or hoop should have a metal rim and a net cover around. It should be mounted at above 10 feet above the playing floor. The backboard on which the hoop is attached should be rectangular in shape and firmly secured to a post. A scoreboard is used to display time left since the game started, as well as the scores for both teams. Modern scoreboards are digital, but manual models are also used.

The Big Bear festival will provide all the necessary materials required for college basketball competition, apart from the players’ uniforms. Visit the facility to enjoy your favorite game, and witness the winners of the top prize in this coming season.

A soft cleaning rod

Care Your Tactical Gear Before The Competition

Long Range ShootingThe Big Bear festivals are just around the corner, and long range shooting devotees must get ready ahead of time. Know your type of gun to use, and probably select one that would not let you down. Located in the Southern California, Big Bear has many outdoor activities to keep your holiday trip occupied. Compassionately referred to as the world of shooting competition by those who have been there before, the anticipated new visitors must be excited by the fact that even their closest friends will be in the shooting field.

It will be fun, completely overwhelming the participants, given that there are several grand prizes to scoop. It is also a commercial haven for like-minded people that may want to see new products from various manufacturers. All events are totally secured by law enforcement agencies and militaries, which are yet, send to evaluate the latest guns, ammo, and gear. It is a buyer and seller festival that allows supporters to enjoy what they love doing most.

shootingThe fun in the facility is not just for the range shooting participants. Actually, even the general attendees have a chance to enjoy good times. Neither should you panic nor fear to hold a gun because each gun is cautiously examined and inspected right before the event kicks off. The firing pin is detached from the gun so that the attendees can interact with guns safely and confidently throughout the event. Alright, one important query you have is about the space. Of course, the facility is roomy and able to accommodate all. With as much fun you can figure out viewing the guns, you are likely to get exhausted before the end of the event. Walking from one booth to another is inevitable!

However, there is one important thing you need to remember before the range shooting competition begins. Your gun is the only weapon to guard your victory. Of course, you want to win and get those several thousands of dollars. So, you need to clean. Do you have a gun cleaning kit? Do you have gun oil? Alright, let’s talk about the things you must have in order to clean your gun.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a gun may sound like something hectic that requires too much attention, however, it needs the right tools and solutions to make the task easy. In your gun cleaning kit, you need a few essential things.

A soft cleaning rod

A soft cleaning rodThis is an essential tool for cleaning the barrel. It should be made of a softer material such as brass to avoid nicking the steel barrel. The rod is segmented so that the user can adjust according to the size of the barrel. A single of carbon fiber rod is ideal for cleaning a rifle. The rod has a good grip handle and no joints that can scratch the sides of the bore. If you have a shotgun, you can find a rod with larger threads on the attachments.

A loop or jag

The loop or jag is attached at the end of a cleaning rod to hold the cleaning patch on the rod while it is pushed through the barrel. The small point at the end of the jag stabs the cleaning patch in the middle, and then pushed through the barrel severally. Depending on your budget, there are those made of brass and nylon. Either can be best for barrel cleaning without damaging it.


Patches are run through the barrel while stuck on the cleaning rod. You can use cotton patches to clean not only the barrel but also other parts of the gun. The patch is coated with a cleaning solvent to loosen the bullet fouling and stuck powder. The solvent also removes the light debris so that the next brushing stage is less stubborn. However, don’t re-use cotton patches or grind dirt against the barrel lining.

Cleaning brush

Bronze brushes are recommended because they cannot damage the interior of the barrel. If you own more guns, have a cleaning brush for each. The worn out brushes should be discarded. For lighter cleaning duty, you can opt for nylon cleaning brushes.

The right fluids

Use the right gun cleaning fluids. They work well in that harsh environment, as well as stay inside for a relatively longer time. The fluids protect the sensitive parts of the gun. Never use household cleaning solvents in your gun. The four types of fluids commonly used include a solvent, degreaser, protectant, and lubricant.

Gun toothbrush

This is specifically designed for cleaning guns because its bristles can reach all the crannies and nooks appropriately. It is ideal for cleaning trigger parts and slide grooves. The available types include brass for tough areas and nylon for overall use.

Ensure your gun cleaning kit contains at least the above items as you prepare it for a shooting competition.

plaiyng baseball

Big Game – Baseball for Young Men

baseballDue to its customary nature among Americans, baseball has been played for years not only by older people but also the young men. However, it might be considered as one of the hardest games to play. Yes, because it is a big game may be! Baseball humbles a player through the experience like Michael Jordan, a man who is regarded by many as the best NBA player in history. Baseball remains one of the elegance games ever, and that is why Big Bear festivals include this sport in the list of the most admired outdoor activities. If you are a baseball fanatic, get ready for the next season’s tournaments at this popular outdoor place of Southern California.

Baseball Bats Technologies

Baseball Bats TechnologiesSince decades ago, the baseball bats have been very conventional and basic – cylindrical piece of wood with a wide barrel, narrow handle, and a base with a circular knob. Interestingly, this equipment has been improved to suit the growing baseball playing needs for young men. The digital era is changing with the technology, and that is why today there are ‘smart baseball bats‘. These ones can provide data, which can be analyzed to help players make necessary changes in order to improve their sway while playing. Another bat’s improvement, among the various changes, is the ‘Axe Bat’ that utilizes a modern handle design that was invented to offer a more improved performance with minimal injury likelihood.

With these new baseball bats in the market, the Big Bear festivals have not left such a great game from its list of events. The new bats increase efficiency in baseball playing, and Axe Bat has brought a perfect substitute to dominate over the traditional model. On the other hand, the smart bat provides instant and actionable data that changes the way players grow their skills. No one would turn down such a competition, despite being an experienced or a newbie baseball player. Therefore, Big Bear is your ultimate destination to enjoy this kind of outdoor fun during a vacation trip.

Why Make Baseball Your Game of Choice at the Big Bear Festival

plaiyng baseballBaseball is not a bizarre game for specific physical sized and shaped people. It is a game for all young men despite your height or weight. This game needs someone who can run and spring up, but not like a professional, just moderately. You should also be able to throw the air ball as you field around and probably hit distinctively. If you have such characteristics, definitely you are a fit choice to play. Interestingly, even a 5′ 11′, 150-pound athlete can excel as long as he or she is determined to do it.

Unlike many other types of games, baseball is one of the few sports that represent the true fairness. It includes a mixture of races including Whites, Asians, African Americans, and Latinos. The Big Bear festival is a place for all visitors regardless of race or tribe. Baseball sports encourage more people from different regions to attend the festivals since everybody is equally represented. When the NHL is exclusively Whites, NBA is African-Americans, and NFL is Asians and Latinos, major baseball leagues are usually multinational and diverse. To some extent, the players can be referred to as UN’s placard boys!

Baseball is just fun to watch and play. It is quite dramatic when watching the manager walking to the mound and removes an unproductive pitcher. Moreover, this is done in front of thousands of spectators, of which some will be merciful and request a one more pitch attempt! This also happens in NBA, because a player can just throw two balls and the coach calls timeout, and even walks to banish the player towards the bench. This is fun.

The baseball game is somehow different from NBA and NFL when it comes to accountability and responsibility. A player cannot escape blame similar to what happens in NFL and NBA. In baseball, all people including the coaches, umpires, players, and fans are aware of any foul or missed assignment. When a goof happens, everybody sees it but also the scoreboard produces a flash indicator to prove there was an actual mistake.

Another very interesting fact about baseball is the high level of integrity such that time constraints are no longer an issue. Every team has equal chances of compliments, and therefore eliminating the option to stall tricks or any other tactic. A player has no right to spike the air ball or get out of the bounds to end the time as it happens in other games such as football. Unlike in basketball, baseball does not entertain player-fouling in order to extend the agony. In other words, both teams have an equal number of opportunities.

Everyone wants to get an award after participating. The top prizes are given to the teams that win. However, the festival concludes with a prize draw for all participants. It is an opportunity for young men to explore their talents in baseball, as well as spend their vacation in style.

big bear city 2

All Activities Done in Big Bear Festival

big bear cityWith about two months to summer, Big Bear is one of the great places for a weekend trip to break the tedium of the city life. The area bubbles with attractive tastes of many outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, archery, tennis, basketball, and running competitions. The park zones offer incredible picnic-life, not to mention the hiking, and both lakeside and the surrounding forest exploration. It is a convenient travel destination, full of leisure and a welcoming cool weather at 7,000 ft. Whether you are a frequent visitor or a new sightseer, feel free to get tour assistance whenever possible. There are various locations within the valley designed to help visitors understand the suitable places to explore.

Once you land the Big Bear, probably you will drive along 630 Bartlett Road. It is advisable you stop at the Big Bear Visitors Center to get insights about the local events and activities taking place during the period of your stay. This visitor’s center is quite reliable because the staff is always willing to help, and they will give you leaflets on most popular events. Before leaving the center, remember to sign a guestbook. However, there are visitors’ guides placed on a rack just outside the visitors’ center for those that don’t feel like entering the staff offices. In these guides, you will learn a lot of things including events, maps, and adventures. They are useful tools for information reference whenever necessary.

big bear city 2While venturing and exploring the beauty of Big Bear, you can even double the fun by checking out the different activities held in the area. This will allow you to choose the activity that may make your trip to Big Bear complete. Events such as sporting usually cover both summer and winter seasons, of which they are the most popular holiday destination periods. No matter your age, there is a wide range of outdoor things to keep you engaged.

Hunting is one of the most improved outdoor adventures, which is taking the Big Bear festivals to another level. It combines tournaments and awards, and therefore attracting more and more fanatics with new ways to win prizes. Apart from the innumerable methods to win rewards, the hunting experience is enhanced by the availability of modern hunting types of equipment. Additionally, there are plenty of game to trail including mule deer and coyotes. Hunting at the San Bernardino Mountains allows you to experience the forest life and adventures. Being a home to a small community of people, outdoor guests and enthusiasts flock there to enjoy the fun throughout the four seasons.

big bear fishingBig Bear Lake is one of the greatest for sports fishing in the Southern Ca. The fishing season is just around the corner, and it is the ideal time to tour and enjoy the trout tournament with more ways to earn rewards. As the sports fishing elevating higher season by season, more events are being included annually to suit all types of fishing enthusiasts. It is more than ever because this year many visitors seems to participate in the fishing tournaments. As the water tends to warm up to 60 degrees, it is the perfect condition to catch those 5.5lb trout, catfish, and bass. But there are fishing guides to assist you to understand the hot spots, as well as the best bait to use.

Archery is another popular sporting activity at Big Bear, which can keep your friends or family members occupied throughout. If you want a leisurely day of archery, the Big Bear festival has plenty of opportunities to offer. You can make the outdoor fun affordable by renting the archery equipment such as bows and arrows, including the target plates. Regardless of the number of guests you have, the local marina has everything you may need. However, you can find equipment for purchase at the sporting store if you don’t want to rent. Thereafter, you need to grab opponents as you prepare for the shooting competition. It can be a one-time shot per person, and thus making it a prize contest.

Running races/competitions are some of the most interesting outside activities, usually held in September when the weather is fit for races. The entire Big Bear is put on display for this gorgeous experience that no one would wish to miss. Moreover, the basketball and tennis are typically held on weekends but sometimes start as early as Fridays. When the season is near, the festival management provides links so that people can access information about the competitions, as well as the links to register ahead of time. There is another competition known as Turkey Trot that consists of 3 to 9 mile runs along the roads, and normally occurs during the thanksgiving days. It is a suitable fun event especially for families looking for relatively light racing competitions.


Archery for Women is the New Addiction

archeryThe Big Bear festival offers various stunning sports of archery for the bow and arrow enthusiasts. Archery being a modern addiction to women, Big Bear Lake is an ideal place where they can discover their love for archery disciplines including the most sought-after target archery. Whether you are a traditional archer or bowhunter, the Big Bear Lake allows you to unfold the merit of distance shooting. Apart from the common archery models found in various festivals, you can as well pursue bow hunting together with other variations such as bow fishing.

The new and popular archery models include the target archery, field archery, 3D archery, traditional archery, and bowhunting.

New Archery Models

Target Archery

target archeryTarget archery has been practiced for years, whereby archers shoot at fixed circular targets at specific distances. The shooters are positioned on level ground or platform with their feet on either side of a shooting line. This sport has taken a new shape at the Big Bear festival because everyone has an opportunity to participate, regardless of gender or physical abilities. The shooting field allows physically disabled individuals, with their wheelchairs, to shoot the targets from either side of the shooting line. Those women archery fanatics can find their ultimate outdoor fun, especially when cheered up by their supporters.

Additionally, compound bows, bare bows, recurve bows, and longbows are used in target archery. At the festival, the conventional guidelines and rules are also applied. Since the competitions are stiff and participants are battling for prizes, the shooting is timed using a digital clock. Sometimes series of lights can be used to alert the archers when it is safe to shoot. Big Bear archery tournaments attract many spectators within California, even though big crowds visit during the big competitions. Archery is a determined sport that no one should miss this coming season at the Big Bear Lake.

The seasons include the summer and spring, also referred to as the outdoor season. Archers will compete at even longer distances by shooting beyond the field. Moreover, women will also compete at more than 70 meters.

Field Archery

Field ArcheryAnother outdoor opportunity to explore at the Big Bear Lake is the field archery. This is seen as a mixture of golf sport, bows, and arrows since there are various course designs. Also, the variation of challenges presented by every target, as well as the group shooting technique, make this sport almost a blend between golf, bows, and arrows. Basically, field archery involves setting targets at various marked positions over a rugged terrain. At the Big Bear festival, field archery takes place in the rural parts near the forest of San Bernardino Mountains. This wooded terrain setting will engage the archers into a real shooting competition, and therefore elevate their proficiency in both target and 3D archery. Field archery is somehow selective when it comes to the bow used. The compound bow with sights is commonly used, though the traditional bows and recurves are also used. The interesting part of this sport is the challenge when mastering the field course, particularly when the targets are set on a slope. This means you will shoot either uphill or downhill, and thus a special technique must be employed in order to increase stability for a perfect shot.

3D Archery

This is usually like a split of field archery only that the targets are life-size 3D objects made of soft material. At the Big Bear festival, 3D archery competition will prove your hunting abilities by shooting an animal-sized target. This sport gives archers an opportunity to experience a real hunting exercise, and practice the ideal shooting method whenever they come across a real animal in the jungle. 3D archery is becoming popular in various archery tournaments as more people are interested in shooting perfect 3D scores similar to bowhunting. Since 3D archery should teach you how to shoot an animal during hunting, the target distances are not marked. You are supposed to make a good estimate of the target distance, and therefore the most challenging part of this sport.

However, the targets usually have scoring rings set at different points. For instance, there are scoring rings around the heart or lungs. These are the targets with highest points. Being a challenging sport, 3D archery features a wide variety of prizes to be won. You could be that lucky winner of thousands of dollars to take home this season. However, the amount of cash prize you win may depend on the number of contestants and the current financial stability of the facility. At the Big Bear festivals, a big number of entrants are anticipated to contest in the archery competitions. Nothing should prevent you from trying your luck, as well as enjoy the outdoor fun. Don’t worry. There is a draw for all participants regardless of your performance! You can find the top crossbows at before applying.

Steel Toe Work Boots

A Classic – Mud Race in Big Bear Festival

mud race and hiking around the forested The endless variety of outdoor activities at Big Bear is unquestionable, and to some point dreamlike! Those that have been to that place, either severally or once, have experienced the specials of the grand outdoors. The enumerable alfresco activities to start your vacation trip include mud race and hiking around the forested areas, as well as along the shoreline. Boasting the quaint and pretty weathers, it is more than a fun to explore the surroundings for a leisurely day.

For those visiting Big Bear festival to participate in the mud racing, you can get assistance from the on-site Big Bear specialists. Their positions are distributed throughout the valley so that visitors can access them easily regardless of their current location. The Big Bear visitors center is one of the main stop-points to get the very first assistance about the activity you would want to undertake. Located along 630 Bartlett Road, there is highly charming staff to assist you where possible. You will be advised on what kind of shoes to wear during mud racing, as well as the available best shoe types in the market. Of course, the recommended are steel toe work boots as they offer an array of benefits.

Comfortable Steel Toe Work Boots

bootsProbably you may not understand the symbols and coding system on the shoes, but the specialists at the Big Bear will assist you. Depending on the outdoor activity you are planning to execute, you need to select the appropriate shoe grade. The important aspect is to choose the best pair of work boots to fit your needs. Most popular and quality brands are the Dr. Martens, Keen, Caterpillar, Bates, and Wolverine. Work boots by Dr. Martens are durably made of leather, and features slip resistant, padded ankle support, electrical shock absorbers, and water resistant. The Keen manufactures strong footwear that is suitable for tough working conditions. They are waterproof, breathable, electrical absorbers, and skid resistant.

On the other hand, the caterpillar is a popular and well-known brand that produces heavy products. Most of their work boots feature beautifully stitched surface, lace up, and sturdy leather shaft to provide extra support. However, if you are looking for tenacious work boots to run through the muddy forests, Bates footwear can do the trick. They are designed to match the military boots suitable for myriad conditions. They can withstand long treads without compromising the wearer’s comfort. In case you are caught up in the mud, the shoes have side zippers to get in or out of the footwear easily. On the other hand, the wolverine boots are described as rugged, with a springy cushioned sole for comfort purposes. Even when you step on a hard rock beneath the mud, the cushion will absorb the shock.

Benefits of Steel Toe Work Boots

Prevent foot injuries

The steel toed boots prevent common foot injuries such as sprains, cuts, and punctures. For instance, the mud race competitions at the Big Bear require work boots that offer both comfort and safety. Running through the mud can be harmful in case you land a hard or sharp object. Still, with the steel toe work boots, you will rest assured of an injury-free race because the shoes have sturdy soles and leather shaft to prevent the entire foot from any form of injury.

Withstand falling pressure from objects

Steel Toe Work BootsPrevention is always better than cure because you don’t know what might happen in the next few minutes while in the middle of the race. It is advisable not to ignore the fact that a falling object probably may hit your foot. Stay on the safe side by wearing the steel toe work boots, which can withstand more than 50 pounds of falling objects. Interestingly, you can as well acquire those high-end models that can withstand even more than 100 pounds of pressure. A dropping object can cause a severe injury on the foot, and therefore taking precaution is always recommended.


Apart from keeping your feet safe, comfort is very important while racing in the mud. Obviously, walking and running in the mud is not an easy thing. The last thing you would want is wearing boots that are straining your toes. So, choose the right size of boots, long enough beyond your ankles. However, the socks should also be perfect and specifically designed to be used with steel toe boots. You can spare some of your time to choose those ergonomic socks meant to offer comfort while wearing outdoor work boots.

Prevent slip injuries

Last but not the least, steel toe work boots prevent slip or fall injuries. The injuries while running may be as a result of falling due to a slippery surface. Steel toe work boots are manufactured for various applications including walking on muddy surfaces. They have highly customized under-soles, with perfect threads to withstand different surface situations. A strong safety work boot prevents falling and slipping, thus making it difficult for such injuries to happen.

running shoes

20 KM’s Uphill Battle Marathon

The Big Bear festivals combine various events, which are scheduled appropriately to ensure every participant is given a chance to explore his or her abilities. One of the most popular competitions includes the uphill battle marathon. This reverse race course is planned to challenge the runners since there are lots of prizes to be won. Apart from the rewards you may get for your effort, safety is the most important thing to ponder. This can be achieved through choosing the right running shoes, with the desirable features.


You may think that the shoes you want to buy are comfortable after trying them while in the store. The converse proves you wrong while in the middle of the race, and chances are you are likely to lose the competition. Leave alone the logo on the side of the shoes as this has nothing to do with your running experience. In other words, choosing the ideal running is more than just buying a particular brand! You need to ask yourself these 2 questions; what is your running mode and style? Do the shoe and features in particular match your running needs? Again, it is advisable to try several shoes and feel the one that fits well.

The 20 KM uphill battle marathon is open to all, whether you have flat feet or not. Sometimes people with flat feet tend to stay in the rear because they think they cannot be successful runners. They are afraid of straining their feet and eventually suffer injuries afterward. If you have flat feet, you can be a thriving athlete as long as you wear the right footwear. A flat foot has the ankle resting on top of the peroneal tendon and can be quite painful when in a wrong shoe. You need to listen to your feet and choose the right shoe regardless of your feet type.

Things You Need to Understand about Running Shoes

running shoesAt the Big Bear marathon, train running shoes are best fit for the outdoor activity. They are designed to withstand off-road routes with mud, rocks, and other obstacles. Their aggressive threads offer a reliable traction on rugged solids, and they are equipped properly to provide support, stability, and underfoot protection.

However, let us look at the general features to consider while selecting your new running shoes;

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is mainly derived from polyester and nylon, and it is durable and abrasion resistant. Additionally, the supple nature makes it a nice choice for runners. It is also lightweight and more breathable compared to pure leather. If you are looking for flexible running shoes with a less drying time, go for those made up of synthetic leather. They are best for an uphill marathon due to lightweight, durable material.

Nylon/or nylon mesh

Running uphill along the rough terrains of Big Bear can be daunting, especially if wearing heavy shoes. The shoes should be breathable to allow a flow of air to cool your toes. Comfort is the king when it comes to selecting running shoes. Given that you want shoes to facilitate uphill marathon competition, those made of nylon and nylon mesh can be an ideal choice. The material is durable, and it is typically used to reduce the weight and enhance breathability.

Thermoplastic urethane overlays

Running through rocky areas requires durable and stable shoes. This is the reason as to why thermoplastic urethane overlays are placed over the shoe panels, especially in the heel and arch panels. Although they are just small additions to enhance abrasion resistance, they also offer additional stability and support.

Waterproof uppers

running shoes 2This is a very crucial aspect that caters for comfort as you run. Reliable running shoes should have waterproof uppers that block moisture from reaching the feet. Additionally, the upper layer should be breathable so that your feet stay dry throughout. This is essential if running on the muddy or wet surface.

Testing Downhill and Uphill

Alright, you want running shoes to take part in the 20KM uphill battle marathon at Big Bear festivals. When you enter a shoe store, try out the shoes before making a purchase. The most important test should be on downhill and uphill so that you can know whether the shoes offer the comfort and safety you want.

For the downhill testing, lace up the shoes comfortably and walk down a slope. As you walk, tramp and scrape your feet. Listen and feel your toes carefully. If you feel the toes being smashed into the shoe’s front, a severe pain can develop after uphill running. The shoes should be comfortable such that the toes feel relaxed even after stomping and scuffing severally. In case you don’t trust the test, try another different pair of running shoes.

For the uphill testing, you can use stairs. Take 2 stairs at a time to match the running treads and then feel if the heels are lifting off the insoles. Don’t ignore the slight lifting off the insoles. Loosen the laces, change insoles, or socks to see if the lifting persists. When the heels are moving up and down in every stride, you are likely to suffer from blisters at the end. So, choose another pair of shoes.