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Couples Tennis Tournament in California

tennis tournamentEven though you spend a good deal of your life with your important other, sometimes you get mad at each other. This is just normal in every relationship, but did you know that the couples tennis tournament at Big Bear Lake, California can strengthen your bond? To build up your relationship in 2017 is not only spending more stressful time together but also competing against each other in sports can do the trick. Tennis is full of fun as you play and watch your spouse thrive. Exactly you will disagree with some doubles, while one of you will be happier to serve the ball into the back of the other’s noggin!

During this season’s tennis tournament, several missed shots are anticipated from either side. The spectators may cheer up the game, but the most important thing is the appreciation both of you will give to each other. Probably, most tennis players ‘love’ talking to themselves. You will hear your partner shouting words directed to a missed shot, and this should signify a certain message. He or she is likely referring to even other mistakes that happened a few weeks ago. If he or she is the source of some misunderstanding that occurred in the recent past, you will start realizing some apologies in the middle of the game. You may pretend for now and proceed to coach her or him a little bit on how to make a perfect shot next time!

tennisThe Big Bear festival allows the couples to participate in various outdoor activities. It makes a holiday vacation to this small city a memorable with the many prizes to scoop at the end of each and every competition. Couples tennis tournament being one of the latest sought-after sport in various facilities, it may come with several perils especially when couples are competing on the ground. No one wants to lose the match, but one must be a winner regardless of the presentation. So, why don’t you make some rules to bar those after-game perils? These rules are not part of the tournament. Therefore, the couple can cultivate them.

For instance, agree to communicate during the competition. Give compliments to one another especially when one makes a good drop shot. The same can apply even after missing a forehead long. No placing hands on hips or shaking your head. It is a match. Let it be competitive but friendly! Again, every player needs to remember to smooch. This rule can make the competition a bit romantic. Plan to start and end the game with a kiss. Despite the fact that your partner has beaten you, no need to go quiet on one another after the match. It should be a motivator to pull up your socks in the next match. No hard feeling!

Tennis Shoes and Tech

tennis shoesAlright, there is another very important aspect of playing tennis – protection and comfort of your footwear. The technical features of tennis shoes include soles, which should be designed specifically for playing tennis.

First, tennis shoes’ toe area must be made of a durable material that can resist wear. Both front and rear parts should have a particular pattern to hold the player within the playing court. The sole center arch should be made of sturdy material to prevent twisting, such that when a player pushes off the toe, the rest of the body will follow without twisting the force away. Additionally, the heel with a stiff heel crib adds more stability and support as you swing side-to-side.

Second, tennis shoes with the shock absorption feature are highly recommended. The shock absorbers are small foam balls or air balls, and they are extremely useful in preventing feet injuries while playing. The high-end shoes have these foam balls, but they are relatively more expensive in terms of money. The technology behind shock absorption feature may differ from one manufacturer to the other. Finding the suitable tennis racquet is also crutial for the game.

Third, tennis shoes should offer maximum support by connecting the shoe top and the sole. The high-quality shoes have a clear way to tighten the laces. Some models made of plastic material allow attaching laces through the shoe top to cover the foot and the arch area.

Fourth, breathability is very crucial to allow fresh air in. Mesh fabrics are the most recommended, though expensive. Leather can be a good choice even though it does not breath effectively like mesh fabric. Also, ideal tennis shoes’ lining should be able to absorb feet moisture.

Fifth, your tennis shoes must have a simple lacing system. The laces should run through designed loops that are in the direction of the shoe laces. Such lace system is easier to work on.

Lastly, always select tennis shoes that fit comfortably. Remember shoe numbers may not necessarily mean all sizes are similar regardless of the manufacturer. Test before buying, and ensure the heel doesn’t lift off the insoles whenever you swing or jump to avoid blister formation.