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Long Range Shooting at Night for Fun! We are Animal Lovers

If you are looking for an exclusive outdoor exploration and an adventurous experience, don’t find beyond a holiday trip to Big Bear Lake. Known as one of the most exploratory and fun cities in the Southern California, it offers several stunning events including long range shooting. This is a competition, usually done for fun without disturbing the well-being of the wild animals. It is even more than fun when done at night. You will experience an overall new world during your trip to Big Bear.

big bear lake

The day in the long range shooting field can be successful if you have the right air rifle and red dot sights. Alongside other shooting gears, the preciseness can be defined by the type of gun and the ability to focus on the target appropriately. At the Big Bear festival, there are various types of rifles to select depending on what you want. Remember this is a competition, not a battlefield, and thus you need a smarter rifle and optic that cannot miss a target.  For a long range shooting, a powerful gun is required. With the many types of guns available at the facility, you can choose what suits your needs most.

Air Rifles and Red Dot Sights

Long distance shooting needs a rifle that provides a special combination of reliability, velocity, and accuracy. This may sound unfeasible. However, the Big Bear festival has everything to offer during the shooting competition. Even though the gun may offer the combined power and precision, a shooter may require an additional tool to increase the degree of accuracy. Whether you are a learner or an experienced long range shooter, a perfect gun plus a red dot sight makes the shooting more fun and successful.

air rifle

Days are gone when newbie used to strain while learning how to shoot. The trainer would tell you to watch the muzzle while keeping the finger off the trigger. Ensure the sight is on target before touching that trigger, but you must keep the cheek joined to the stock for a proper shot. Instructions used to be endless, not to mention that your feet must be placed tactically while leaning a little bit forward. All was overwhelming, and most learners could find it difficult to cope with such boring guidelines.

trainingAt the Big Bear festivals, there are professional coaches to train you before engaging in the actual competition. A new shooter has the right to enjoy the shooting game. For the entire thing to be fun, a simpler approach is needed. One of the ideal ways to simplify the shooting experience is by use of red dot sights. The modern red dot sights are relatively smaller in size, cheaper, lightweight and durable compared to the early models.

For long distance shooting, rifles such as Sumatra, Airforce Condor, Windy City, and Air Arms are commonly used because they have the required power. Most of them are lightweight with unmatched accuracy, making them perfect choices to take down targets at lengthy distances. Another important aspect is the strength of the user, as we have different abilities to hold, shoot, and withstand the recoil. For shooters with less experience, a lightweight air rifle is a better choice to practice target shooting at long distances. Apart from the power and accuracy of the rifle, no one would want to use an ugly looking model. Even though most rifles are beautifully designed, the Air Arms are prettier and provides repeatable precision throughout.

red dot sightAs the technology comes in to make life easier, it has also trimmed the red dot sights into quite impressive tools. The latest models are small, lightweight, compact, affordable, and highly durable. Due to their simple features, they help shooters to make wonderful shots without repeated misses. With a red dot sight, target shooting is made simpler because the dot is placed on the target, and then the trigger is pulled. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to spend hours practicing how to focus onto the inside a blurred rear mark!

At the Big Bear festivals, you will find several red dot sights from various top brands. There are red dot sights from Bushnell, Weaver, Millet, and Tasco among other top manufacturers. Many of these red dot sights are typically fit for long guns and short guns. The most popular Bushnell Trophy Red Dot uses a 5MOA dot, indicating that the dot covers 5 inches of a target placed 100 yards from your position.


Every long range shooting fanatic should not miss the long range shooting event because it incorporates various tournaments, with many prizes to be won. Even though you may think you are a newbie in the world of sports shooting, there is a draw for all participants regardless of your performance. You just need to build self-confidence and achieve the best from the shooting competition.