Steel Toe Work Boots

A Classic – Mud Race in Big Bear Festival

mud race and hiking around the forested The endless variety of outdoor activities at Big Bear is unquestionable, and to some point dreamlike! Those that have been to that place, either severally or once, have experienced the specials of the grand outdoors. The enumerable alfresco activities to start your vacation trip include mud race and hiking around the forested areas, as well as along the shoreline. Boasting the quaint and pretty weathers, it is more than a fun to explore the surroundings for a leisurely day.

For those visiting Big Bear festival to participate in the mud racing, you can get assistance from the on-site Big Bear specialists. Their positions are distributed throughout the valley so that visitors can access them easily regardless of their current location. The Big Bear visitors center is one of the main stop-points to get the very first assistance about the activity you would want to undertake. Located along 630 Bartlett Road, there is highly charming staff to assist you where possible. You will be advised on what kind of shoes to wear during mud racing, as well as the available best shoe types in the market. Of course, the recommended are steel toe work boots as they offer an array of benefits.

Comfortable Steel Toe Work Boots

bootsProbably you may not understand the symbols and coding system on the shoes, but the specialists at the Big Bear will assist you. Depending on the outdoor activity you are planning to execute, you need to select the appropriate shoe grade. The important aspect is to choose the best pair of work boots to fit your needs. Most popular and quality brands are the Dr. Martens, Keen, Caterpillar, Bates, and Wolverine. Work boots by Dr. Martens are durably made of leather, and features slip resistant, padded ankle support, electrical shock absorbers, and water resistant. The Keen manufactures strong footwear that is suitable for tough working conditions. They are waterproof, breathable, electrical absorbers, and skid resistant.

On the other hand, the caterpillar is a popular and well-known brand that produces heavy products. Most of their work boots feature beautifully stitched surface, lace up, and sturdy leather shaft to provide extra support. However, if you are looking for tenacious work boots to run through the muddy forests, Bates footwear can do the trick. They are designed to match the military boots suitable for myriad conditions. They can withstand long treads without compromising the wearer’s comfort. In case you are caught up in the mud, the shoes have side zippers to get in or out of the footwear easily. On the other hand, the wolverine boots are described as rugged, with a springy cushioned sole for comfort purposes. Even when you step on a hard rock beneath the mud, the cushion will absorb the shock.

Benefits of Steel Toe Work Boots

Prevent foot injuries

The steel toed boots prevent common foot injuries such as sprains, cuts, and punctures. For instance, the mud race competitions at the Big Bear require work boots that offer both comfort and safety. Running through the mud can be harmful in case you land a hard or sharp object. Still, with the steel toe work boots, you will rest assured of an injury-free race because the shoes have sturdy soles and leather shaft to prevent the entire foot from any form of injury.

Withstand falling pressure from objects

Steel Toe Work BootsPrevention is always better than cure because you don’t know what might happen in the next few minutes while in the middle of the race. It is advisable not to ignore the fact that a falling object probably may hit your foot. Stay on the safe side by wearing the steel toe work boots, which can withstand more than 50 pounds of falling objects. Interestingly, you can as well acquire those high-end models that can withstand even more than 100 pounds of pressure. A dropping object can cause a severe injury on the foot, and therefore taking precaution is always recommended.


Apart from keeping your feet safe, comfort is very important while racing in the mud. Obviously, walking and running in the mud is not an easy thing. The last thing you would want is wearing boots that are straining your toes. So, choose the right size of boots, long enough beyond your ankles. However, the socks should also be perfect and specifically designed to be used with steel toe boots. You can spare some of your time to choose those ergonomic socks meant to offer comfort while wearing outdoor work boots.

Prevent slip injuries

Last but not the least, steel toe work boots prevent slip or fall injuries. The injuries while running may be as a result of falling due to a slippery surface. Steel toe work boots are manufactured for various applications including walking on muddy surfaces. They have highly customized under-soles, with perfect threads to withstand different surface situations. A strong safety work boot prevents falling and slipping, thus making it difficult for such injuries to happen.