night hunting

Night Hunting Competition in Big Bear Lake

night huntingNight hunting is one of the most challenging outdoor explorations you would experience in the Big Bear Lake, California. The forest terrain of the San Bernardino Mountains is rough, rugged, and rocky, making it even harder for a hunter to walk during the day. You can now figure out how difficult it is to walk through the jagged paths at night while chasing that mule deer to make the first shot. If you are not very aggressive in this hunting competition, you will be surprised the tournament is over and you didn’t down a single buck. This is the last thing you would want to hear, but it’s a bitter truth anyway.

Interestingly, the night hunting competition comes with a handful of gear including trail cameras. Even though you will be supplied with such stuff, it doesn’t mean every hunter will be on the safe side to scoop the grand prizes! You must know why they are given, when to use them, and how to use them. Someone may start thinking this post tries to scare away potential hunting contestants, however, it’s actually making you a stronger hunter. The first-time visitors to Big Bear Lake may not be aware of the forest setting, and they might face a real challenge. To them, it will be like an excursion to familiarize with the hunting environment. But they also deserve to win at least an award.

night hunting 2If you have been on pleasure trips to different rural places, you might have wondered how the guide identifies the schedules and places of animals. Of course, he or she doesn’t live in the woods to study the animal behaviors. But, while walking together you would see the guide stop at some point to show you a flock of deer, wildebeest, or coyotes with their young ones. Though they are not always 100% accurate in their predictions, they actually do a great job to help visitors understand how animals live in the jungle, and how they vary schedules based on time and seasons.

Tour guides are nice at their job since they study both the area and the animals. Over time, they understand where certain animals like going, and when they like going there. Perhaps, this is the knowledge a hunter out there is seeking alongside knowing how to use the hunting equipment. Therefore, knowing the area and the animal habits can help you come home with that most sought-after buck. Remember, these hunting competitions offer prizes based on the tagged animals.

So, how do you familiarize yourself with the Big Bear forest so that you can achieve the best during the hunting tournament? Use trail cameras.

Trail Cameras

trail cameraTrail cameras are great tools to assist a hunter study the area, know animals’ habit, track the animals of choice, envisage their movements, and shoot the tagged animal. Therefore, here are the benefits you will reap from the trail cameras during the hunting competition at the Big Bear festival.

Understand the area

Modern trail cameras can be mounted on a tree to monitor the activity of specific animals; how and when they enter a given area, and their average duration within that area. The recordings captured will tell you whether the area is viable for hunting or you need to try a different area. Hunting without trail cameras can be hectic and time-consuming because you will be doing guess work wherever you go.

Understand the animals’ habits

trail camera 2Trail cameras capture scenes based on how they are programmed. If you need continuous photos, it will capture so that you can combine to make a video. The footages can be used to analyze the habits of animals at different times, if they graze within the area at certain times every day, or if they just pass through the area. It can be very difficult to walk throughout the day finding those mule deer at the wrong place, and the wrong time.

Understand your target

The Big Bear forest hosts several animals, and it will be nice to study the tagged animals before getting into hunting. You need to know where the animals reside, where they spend their grazing time, and when they can be found. Hunting competitions also restrict a specific size of the tagged animal. Therefore, trail cameras can help you monitor when the bucks can be found within a certain area.

trail camera 3

Trail cameras are quite useful when it comes to hunting a target animal. If you have been a hunter for some time, you know how animals behave especially when there is human scent around their habitat. They will just relocate because they sense some danger. Using trail cameras will assist you to watch the animals’ behavior in their natural homes. You only visit once a while to change the SD cards without disturbing the animals.